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Will B Chang

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That also has Workflow Environment Variables instead of User Configuration. And it’s not clear what the Workflow Environment Variable does or how it works. Do you know?


In addition, please don’t add different recommendations to an existing post, make a new one. I’ve split the comment into a new post.

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I believe you. But since it’s not ready and was not submitted by the creator, plus has features that need explaining, it’s lower priority than the other submissions. Especially as there are other GitHub ones.


If you or anyone else can answer the above questions and/or get the ball rolling on the needed updates to get it Gallery-ready, then this can be looked at sooner.

In other words, if I don’t know if the creator will be responsive (though most are!), spending the time on it too soon when it’s too far from ready may back up all other submissions without a tangible benefit.


But I have every intention of getting to it, and the fact that you’re recommending it does give it weight.


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