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Making json object open webpages with Python

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I want to make my objects open up web pages with Python, is there any way to do this? I would have to create urls with each iteration and inserting into the object/dictionary so every game is assigned a url. The first object in the image would for example open the game's boxscore with the user's default browser.


There is no query in my script.


def get_alfred_items():
  results = []
  url = "https://www.alfredapp.com/workflows/"
  for i, j in zip(scores_list, player_leaders):
  		"title": f"{i[0]} {i[1]} - {i[2]} {i[3]} ({gametime_list[scores_list.index(i)]})", # [home] [pts] - [pts] [away]
  		"subtitle": f"{j[0]}: {j[1]}pts/{j[2]}reb/{j[3]}ast - {j[4]}: {j[5]}pts/{j[6]}reb/{j[7]}ast",
      		"url": url + i[0], # I WANT TO DO THIS
  return results

if __name__ == "__main__":
    alfred_json = json.dumps({
        "items": get_alfred_items()


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welcome @bjornelvar!

assuming that you want to open the site upon actioning the result (ie pressing enter), you can pass the URL as an argument (basically replacing  "url" with "arg" in your script below), and then connecting the script filter to a 'Open URL' object. This should also work as Quick Look url (tapping shift or ⌘Y, to see a preview without actioning). 

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