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Advanced Alfred workflow design advice for a complete newb to programming 🤓

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I've been using Alfred for a few months, and it is becoming very apparent that It would be TREMENDOUSLY more powerful if I knew how write code. 

What advice would you give this total beginner to learn programming for the specific purpose of creating more efficient and advanced Alfred workflows?

I plan to learn with Python.


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I’d first recommend you get yourself familiar with creating workflows in general. With Automation Tasks you can do a ton of stuff without code, and understanding how things connect and flow is relevant.

On the programming front, make sure you understand how to get command-line arguments from Python and how to build a JSON. Go for Python 3, and if possible stick with 3.8.9 (or under) features because that’s the version macOS has, meaning code written in it will be easier to share. Also, I’m sure some would disagree but consider staying away from any library which doesn’t ship with Python until you have an understanding of the basics of programming.

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