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Allow to duplicate or copy/paste items in List Filter


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When the different options of a List Filter are quite similar, the fastest way to add a new option would be to duplicate an existing one and then modify the duplicated item.


Right now, however, there seems to be no way to either duplicate or copy/paste a selected option of the List Filter and one has to manually click on the '+' Button with the mouse.

Thus, my request is to make the creation of List Filters more keyboard friendly.



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@jjaybe You can create a CSV file outside of Alfred, which will give you free reign to copy and paste as much as you need, and edit the list as a whole with title, subtitle and arg


For example:

A bunch of grapes,grape,code123

A bowl of bananas,banana,code432

A bushel of apples,apple,code043


Once you're happy, drag your CSV into the List Filter box and you'll see it auto-populate :)


Let me know how you get on!



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Oh, that is awesome, I had no idea that this existed!

Have not tried it yet, but sounds like an incredible timesaver. If that behaviour is not yet documented anywhere, I think it is definitely worth adding to the documentation.


Thank you so much!

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