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CSV import function for List Filter workflow

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I want to create a workflow to choose from a website list the one I want to open.

I create a list filter workflow, and I want to simplify the list insert importing a csv file.

When I drop the csv on the filter list window, anything happen? What am I doing wrong?

I'm using Alfred 5.0.3 [2087], and the csv file has the following structure:






and so on.

Thanks in advance

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@Gibrus what you are trying to do works perfectly for me. I'm running Alfred 5 (version 5.0.4) on macOS 13.0. I created in a plain text editor a file containing the line you mentioned in your post, saved it with the .csv extension and then dropped that file into a list filter in Alfred. The relevant fields of the list filter were immediately populated with the appropriate fields from the file.



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