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Ruby on Rails: rerun failed minitest tests from iTerm2

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Scratches an itch I've had for a long time.


Automagically combine failed minitest tests into a single command in iTerm2



When you have failed tests in a rails minitest suite using the defer option, e.g.


rails test test/models/whatever_test.rb -d


you get something like the following out of the box in iTerm2:

Failed tests:

rails test test/system/whatever_test.rb:4
rails test test/system/filler_test.rb:135


This can be a pain when you have some flaky tests, and in my experience, you'll always have some flakiness with system tests especially. Once you have the workflow installed, just type combinerailstests in Alfred, and the appropriate command to run those failed tests will be built, typed into iTerm2 and run for you, e.g.


bin/rails test test/system/whatever_test.rb:4 test/system/filler_test.rb:135 -vd



  • You're using binstubs in your Rails app


Download | Source


P.S. - Hope I did this right...first workflow I've ever shared.

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