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How to have Universal Action run a script filter and then offer its results in an Alfred window?

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I apologize for the longish title, please shorten as you see fit.


What I want to achieve:

- The user selects an URL and activates Universal Actions

- They get presented with the choice to search for that URL in DEVONthink's url fields

- When they choose that action, the appropriate script filter runs and

- shows the result from DEVONthink in a new Alfred window, clicking on one of them takes the user to the appropriate record in DEVONthink.


I'm fine with the first three points, they work. However, I have no idea how to present the found records to the user again for selection. In an Alfred workflow, that kind of happens automagically when it "sees" the JSON object with the items. But it seems that Universal Actions work very differently – is it somehow possible to achieve what I want or am I getting the idea of Universal Actions utterly wrong?

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I’m not certain I understand the question. A Universal Action triggers on a certain type of input and passes it along. So if you do it on a URL, it’ll pass that URL along to the next object (check the debugger). However you use that URL is then up to you.

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