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I am the author of this workflow:




I know there exist similar workflows as this and they look good too, but let me submit my workflow anyway.


There are dependencies ("fd" and "fzf", both can be installed with Homebrew). Instructions can be found on the GitHub page above.

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Thank you for the changes. This will be live soon at http://alfred.app/workflows/yohasebe/fzf/

This doesn’t affect inclusion, but instead of having the File Picker empty and defaulting to the user’s home in code, you should set the Default Value to ~ in the configuration. In the File Picker, Alfred translates the tilde to the correct full path.

Then you also don’t need to worry about expanding tildes or checking if the variable exists (if you’ve set a Default, it will always exist). So this becomes unnecessary:

search_paths = [File.expand_path("~")] if search_paths.empty?

There’s a typo in the description: An Alfred workflow fo instead of “to”.

There are two extraneous ruby files in the workflow itself. Reminder that to be in the Gallery workflows can’t update themselves. You’re not calling those files so it’s not an issue, but they’re not necessary either.

Shouldn’t the workflow be excluding ~/Library from the search? That should considerably speed up the search.

Finally, is there a reason to have an intermediary step where users have to type the search before it’s sent to a Script Filter which does the search in real time? Why not search with the Script Filter directly? I understand you have a Run Script to verify if fzf and fd are installed but that does not seem worth the hassle of the extra step every time. If the tools aren’t installed, the debugger will make that clear.

As mentioned at the top, these do not affect inclusion. They are suggestions to improve the workflow and you’re free to pick and choose which you think fit your workflow.

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@vitor Thank you for the great suggestions. I updated the workflow accordingly.


1. Set default search path (`~`).

2. Fixed typo in the description.

3. Removed unnessesary Ruby files.

4. Set `~/Library` to be ignored for better performance.


The intermediary step before the Script Filter is left as is for now. It may not be essential, but I wanted to use the action modifiers with ⌘ and ⌥.


The latest version 1.4.0 has been pushed to the Github repo. Thanks again for your great work!


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