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Watch List — Play and manage local media and streams

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@vitor this and 'Download Video' are great!

I am getting this below, am I missing some setup step? 


STDERR: WatchList[Script Filter] Error opening xar archive: /private/var/folders/59/g6dq56y165gcqnd473kst7800000gn/T/tmp.mze9WdOh/dmg.SV7KeK/mediainfo.pkg
gunzip: can't stat: Payload (Payload.gz): No such file or directory
cp: ./usr/local/bin/mediainfo: No such file or directory


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2 hours ago, giovanni said:

this and 'Download Video' are great!


Thank you. This one is one of my personal favourites.


2 hours ago, giovanni said:

I am getting this below, am I missing some setup step?


The mediainfo download page changed, so it was no longer being retrieved correctly with _sharedresources. Fixed in the latest version, just released. You can also fix it with brew install mediainfo.

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  • vitor changed the title to Watch List — Play and manage local media and streams
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Hi @vitor! I'd like to pass a URL from WatchList to an external trigger, but it only sends the ID that I presume WatchList generated upon adding the URL to the watchlist (e.g. "6f16d8", rather than the URL)


Do you know how I might be able to obtain the URL, rather than this ID?

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@dood That had occurred to me, but I hadn’t implemented it yet because I was undecided on a few details. Your comment made me think of it again and I think I’ve arrived at a solution. I’ll release that soon, together with other changes.

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Updated to 2023.3.

  • Add alternative actions to items. This means that when using Universal Actions, items will provide their origin URL or local path, as appropriate. For items which have both, the default is to use the URL but that can be configured.
  • On watched list, changed open in browser modifier to ctrl for consistency with to watch list.
  • Wording tweaks to configuration.
  • Convert lists from YAML to JSON. This happens automatically.

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The only case where the ID is still passed is in the watched list (wlu) and if the file is local and has no origin URL. To say more, I need to know about your specific item.


Also, make sure you really are on version 2023.3.

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Updated to 2024.1.

  • Replaced mediainfo with ffprobe.
  • Remove colons in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Standard message for Download Media.
  • Updated notificator.
  • Improve sort order when preppending.
  • Fix using ⌃ to open URL in watched link.
  • Remove code to convert from YAML to JSON.

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I really like the watchlist feature. Unfortunately it's a little bit of a cumbersome process to add a url to the watchlist. I have to first copy the url and then open Alfred, enter the url and then open up the universal actions, search for watchlist and then add it. I much prefer how download media works, where you just open up Alfred and type DV to download the video that's present in the frontmost browser tab.


It would be great to open up Alfred and simply type WLA (Watch List Add) to add the frontmost browser tab url to the watchlist. I hope you can implement this.









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1 hour ago, Batman said:

I have to first copy the url and then open Alfred, enter the url and then open up the universal actions


You only have to select the URL in the tab (⌘L) then press the Universal Actions shortcut.

That said, I have been thinking for a while that I’d may like to bring back the option to add the frontmost browser tab. I’m playing with it locally and may add the option in the next version (the keyword is likely to be wlb).

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Updated to 2024.2.

  • Use same file for JSON lists.
  • Use Text View for wle.
  • Add wlb to add frontmost browser tab.
  • Use Number Slider configuration for maximum number of watched items.
  • Add configuration to add full stream playlist.
  • Longer IDs.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Skip Input as Universal Action.

This update changes the data format again, this time consolidating both lists into the same file. Like the last time it changed, you shouldn’t notice a difference because the workflow ports the format on first run. To be extra safe, the previous lists are sent to the trash so they can be recovered if needed.

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