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Open group of files in an app

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Hopefully a simple question.


I want to open a group of files all at once into an app. What I have tried previously just passes the files one by one and opens several instances of the app.


I am trying to use Alfred to pass the selected Finder items to an app called 'Tag Editor.app'. Then I can tag all the files in the same window


TIA for any assistance!





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You get better help when you’re more detailed. Tag Editor is a pretty generic name so we don’t know which app you’re talking about. When talking about something external, please link to it.

Your code won’t work as is because you’re missing a space between open and -a. More importantly, it’s up to the app to decide what to do when being told to open multiple files; maybe you can set a preference in the app, otherwise you’ll have to ask the developers.

Also, when all you want is open -a, you can use the Open File Action instead.

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