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Momentum Workspace Launcher

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 A Alfred Workflow to kill any apps that won't be used and open just the only ones you need.  
 Saving CPU/Memory but also helping you to keep focus. 🧘‍♂️


I'm really focused on doing things one at at time and giving full attention  on whatever needs my attention. 
Living with ADHD for decades, I've learned how to setup my workflow to avoid any disruption on my attention spam. 


That means, closing any app that will not help me to achieve my goals in that moment.

 know that are a few apps that can launch a group of apps (or kill it) based on an interface selections.
The Question, for me was: how to implement a simple workflow on Alfred (that I use for almost everything during my day) that will kill any apps (saving power and CPU/Memory) and then open only the Apps used for the purpose. 


You can download it here:  Momentum Workspace Launcher

But here is a spoiler on how it works! 


(Thanks to @Vero who gave me valuable tips to get in to it.)


sm_2022-11-17 19-52-25.png

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