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How to add screenshot to User Configuration?

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I have read this on the relevant Alfred help page:



Images have to be included in the Workflow to be displayed; It's a good idea to create an images directory relative to the root of your workflow, but the structure is up to you.


I have created an Images folder in the Finder folder of my workflow and then used the following syntax in User Configuration:




where path is the full path to the image in my workflow's Images folder. However, whatever I do (I tried with both .png and .jpg files) )I cannot get the image to display in User Configuration. What am I doing wrong? (Sorry if it's obvious to everyone else but I've spent ages on it and am completely flummoxed!)



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Ah, silly me—I was of course taking the Finder path! Thanks so much for the explanation: naturally it works now.


I think it would be helpful just to clarify that little section of the help page. I'd not have fathomed it without your help here.



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