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Hi @vitor — sorry for the ping but as you had processed Chris's other workflow (Neovim one), I had assumed you would also do this one. I realise you are doing amazing work on curating the gallery, please take this as the gentlest of reminders. 🥰

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@iandol Rest assured, every submitted workflow will be processed. Complex workflows take longer, as you might expect, but after the initial influx new submissions will be included much faster. Chris’ workflows are quite well done and organised, so they’ll definitely be in. Thank you for your patience!


In general, it does speed up the process if we have multiple clean screenshots of the workflow in action and instructions in a style similar to the Gallery’s. If as a user of the workflow you wish to contribute parts of that to speed up the initial inclusion, they are welcome. Entirely optional, naturally.

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These have been lossy-optimised (retaining alpha channel) using ImageOptim… I think Chris is better placed to decide the instructions.


At least for the introduction sentance, the one from github is better than the forum post:



A citation picker and minimalistic reference manager for Alfred. Uses a BibTeX File and supports various formats like Pandoc Markdown, Multi-Markdown or LaTeX.


Author + year search



A citekey search using @


A keyword search using #



This one I couldn't capture as a full window as it had non-relevant entries in the search results, but just in case:


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7 minutes ago, iandol said:

This one I couldn't capture as a full window as it had non-relevant entries in the search results


Two tricks for that:

  1. Type part of the keyword then ↩, so Alfred fills it up and shows only results from that.
  2. In the Appearance Options, temporarily reduce the number of results.

It’s not so much that it is useful to have various screenshots of the same action, but just one really good one for each action (Script Filter, Universal Action…).

I see there’s a ⌘⇧↩ shortcut which slighty interferes with the screenshot shortcut, but those do help for me to get a reference, thank you.

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I’d like to get @pseudometa’s workflows in soon to the Gallery. They're quire high quality and useful. What’s delaying the review a bit is that they require specific data to do a proper test and write up instructions/add extra screenshots. I’m not an academic (if I were, this looks exactly like what I’d use!) so I don’t have a library of research papers. Same with Obsidian.


As such, could anyone (pinging @iandol as well) provide a small zip with the files that could be imported? It doesn’t need to be a large library, just a handful of realistic enough information to proceed with the review.


Thank you if you can do it. If not, please let me know as well so I can’t think of another solution.

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sure, since bibliography data is really not anything sensitive or private, I just copypasted a sample of a few entries from my library: https://pastebin.com/b8mGbY7Z


For an example PDF, you could add this as new entry: https://doi.org/10.1080/03085140902786827

and then add the PDF here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/249006197_The_Role_of_Venture_Capital_Firms_in_Silicon_Valley's_Complex_Innovation_Network




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