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Open Chrome Profiles

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I've created a small workflow using Python 3 to read all available profiles from Google Chrome and open the selected one in a new window. 

The workflow is available on my GitHub page https://github.com/Wit4r7/AlfredAutomations


The Workflow uses Python 3 (json and Path package) as well as a simple zsh command (default on macOS). 

The workflow does not require any configuration, as long as no change to the default chrome storage was made. 


Workflow is triggered by a keyword. In the default chpr





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@wit4r7 Thank you for the patience, this is almost ready to be added. Three small changes are needed:

  • There is no bundle ID in the workflow. You can use app.alfred.wit4r7.openchromeprofiles.
  • The Placeholder Title in the Script Filter is in lowercase. It should be Open Chrome profile or Open Chrome Profile.
  • You can improve the workflow significantly by editing the Script Filter and:
    • Changing it to Argument Optional.
    • Ticking the Alfred Filters Results box. Without code, these two changes will turn the list of profiles into a filter.

The first one is really the one which is necessary, though since it has to be done, the other two are low effort and make a difference.

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Thanks for your message. I adjusted the Workflow through your suggestion and uploaded a new version to my Github. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best regards. 

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The icon is too low quality, it needs to be at least 256x256 px. Also, please provide an updated screenshot, with shadow and no background, as explained in the pinned post. And please make the profiles a bit more real looking, as right now they are clearly tests.

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