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Can I set a File Filter search scope using JSON Config?

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I know the answer to this is "yes", but I don't think it works the way I would like it to.


Here's what I'd like to do. I have a workflow user variable that I would like to set as the search scope for the File Filter. I know I can use a JSON Config to set the config / scopes with the user variable, but unfortunately it doesn't work if the JSON Config outputs to the File Filter at the start of the workflow (see screenshot).


I'm aware of two workarounds:


  1. Start the workflow with a Hotkey and then sandwich the JSON Config between that and the File Filter. This works, but it isn't as slick as the File Filter only solution since you need to hit return to move forward in the workflow.
  2. Create a second workflow that can be triggered to set the search scopes by modifying the underlying info.plist file directly. This also works, but feels convoluted and brittle.


Is my understanding correct? Is there any other way to feed a user variable into the search scope at the start of the workflow?






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