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Looking for workflow to sort image by EXIF or year

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Sorting is a temporary state which depends on the viewing application. What exactly is the goal? Are you looking for images to be renamed?


What does sorting by EXIF mean? EXIF is a format which stores a lot of information.


To get good help, you have to be detailed. Otherwise we have to guess what you mean and may guess wrong.

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If you are prepared to consider renaming your photos there are many apps available which can rename based on the EXIF capture date. As with anything like that, if tempted, backup first and then try with just a few photos to see what happens.


It's many years since I used Lightroom so I can't recall how it sorts photos by year (i.e., whether or not it relies on any initial renaming).


(I know this is not an exact response to what you asked - but it is one way of doing what you want!)



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40 minutes ago, silverlaker said:

which has my Lightroom photos sorted by years.


So it’s Lightroom doing the sorting? That has no bearing on how other applications sort the files. As I mentioned, sorting is a temporary state which depends on the viewing application.


41 minutes ago, silverlaker said:

Even sorting by created date


Sorting where? Do you want them sorted in the Finder? You can simply change the view options.

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