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Move to folder - based on filename

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Hi Forum


I would like to create the following workflow and I have no clue how to do this.


I have Projects and the files and folders are always named with a dedicated Project number system.



What I would like to do is to move folders containing all sorts of files into a specific folder based on the "Item Number" (253 in this case) inside the Project P001 file system.


For example: Move the folder "P001-253-001-11-01-File Name" and its contents ...




... to the Folder "253 - Subcategory 3", which is located inside a P001 Project folder.



In case the folder "253 - Subcategory 3" doesn't exist, it would be great if I could create it and name the subcategory within the workflow.


I hope this is easy to understand.


I got helped here in so great ways already. I hope this is not too much to ask for and I hope this is possible 🙂


Thanks in advance for any help,








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