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Alfred 5.0.6 Release Candidate - Identifying Workflows w. Updates from the Gallery


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When determining whether an update is available for a workflow in the gallery, from what I can tell, Alfred is only using the bundle id (under today's release candidate for 5.0.6).


So, in situations where a user might unknowingly have the same bundle id as one in the gallery, Alfred may errantly tell them an update is available ... when, in fact, it's not actually the same workflow. I have no idea how common this is, but I ran into the problem with com.alfredapp.1password


Is there any additional info Alfred can use to identify whether they're actually the same workflow (e.g., "Created By", "Website", etc.)? Users can always just rename their own workflows' bundle IDs, but this is obviously a little annoying. Thanks!


PS - Glad to see Alfred now has its own gallery! Congrats @Andrew!! This is great!

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From observation, clashing bundle identifiers in public workflows aren’t common. A bundle identifier is meant to be unique. That’s why they follow the pattern of including the URL. This is not isolated to workflows, apps on the Mac have bundle identifiers too which must also be unique. In the Mac App Store you won’t find overlapping bundle identifiers, for example. You should never use the com.example.something pattern unless you own example.com. If you don’t have a domain you can do jasondm007.alfred.workflow.something. Or another pattern, but you should avoid anything which could legitimately be used by another entity.

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If by "ran into the problem", you mean our (pre-gallery) 1Password workflow was updated to the latest version from the gallery, then this was intentional as this workflow will be available and updated from the gallery going forward.


In addition to @vitor's post about uniqueness, it's also worth noting that if somebody duplicates a workflow within the editor, the Bundle ID has always been cleared out. Alfred's prefs has also always prevented duplicated Bundle IDs from being set.


I'm moving this to Noted, but it's not a bug.

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