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set an alarm... and get :10 minute and :05 minute reminders beforehand

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the short version: I am looking to be able to create a workflow where a key combo opens the Alfred search bar... I enter a time in 24-hour format (hh:mm) and hit [Enter]... and Alfred then performs a task :10 minutes and :05 minutes before the time.  


the long version:  I run several meetings a day at work over video conference.  And one thing that I have found useful is that I have created a 'scene' using OBS that changes the background behind me when we are :10 minutes and :05 minutes away from the end of the meeting (screenshots attached below).  I can either trigger them with a key combo... or by pressing a button on my Stream Deck that sends that key combo to OBS.  


But the flaw is that it is all a manual process.  I have to either keep my eye on the clock to remember when to display the dialogs... or remember to set a couple alarms on my watch at the start of the meeting to remind me when to trigger the overlays.  


I would prefer to be able to bring up the Alfred search box and enter the time the meeting is scheduled to end... and then have Alfred automatically send the key combos that trigger the background transitions at the appropriate times.  But I am blocked because I have only basic scripting skills and don't know how to go about getting Alfred to a) do the "math" to subtract 10 and 5 from the target end time, and b) to take an action automatically at a specific time.


I hope there's enough in this description to make it clear what I'm hoping to achieve.  But let me know if I can provide any additional info.  And thanks in advance to everyone for reading  this post and sharing your thoughts.  




(this is the image that I use as my 'green screen' background during video calls.  It is much nicer than the converted garage space that I actually work in)

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 10.27.12 AM.png


(these are the two backgrounds that I switch to when we are nearing the end of the meeting)

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 10.27.24 AM.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 10.27.35 AM.png

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