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A slightly more complex, but still very easy to use tool, to manage window size.

hotkey limited to up/down/left/right/fullscreen to just window size, but can work well with ultra-wide monitors with 1/2 and 1/3 split screen horizontally. 


I have tried Div(workflow), both only do 1/2 height/width split screen. (learned a lot from it, thanks)

magnet(app) can do 1/3 split screen, but need to bind too many hotkeys. 

It use applescript, so requires no dependency on macOS. But it has a slight lag after input. 


Author: me

Main Page: https://github.com/nicholasxuu/alfred_workflow_window_resizer

Screenshot: (it's a hotkey only app)



Usage Demo: (Gif)



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Hello @sanfen,


Nice icon! I’m looking into adding this to the Gallery but found some issues:

  • The Hotkeys are a bit strewn around the canvas, which makes it difficult to find what one wants. I get the ←↓↑→ position idea but it’s visually confusing.
  • The Hotkey for down has Up written in the note.
  • The notes in general should explain what the action is. I had to play around to understand what “Up” means. From reading I don’t know what “Alt Left” is. A user should be able to understand what they’re setting up beforehand.
  • I haven’t tested them all individually, but the blue-coloured Center Hotkey produces an error: ERROR: WindowResizer[Run Script] ./window_resizer.applescript:9238:9241: execution error: Can’t make "{33," into type real. (-1700).
  • This is more informational, but while you can suggest specific Hotkeys, on import they are stripped so they do not conflict with other shortcuts another person may have.

Thank you for the submission. If you have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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