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emoji taco - Unicode emoji scraper plugin


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Github Repo: https://github.com/jeeftor/EmojiTaco

I'm the author and its my work.

Forum Thread: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9499-emoji-taco-downloads-emoji-from-unicodeorg/

Dependencies: (embedded in the code - although I'd love it if there is a way in gallery eventually to have just a requirements.txt and let Alfred create a virtual environment)

Picture (Maybe the 2nd is better)




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The workflow file is massive. Are you bundling a whole distribution of Python in there? Alfred now helps manage dependencies, so if you have a dependency on Python above what ships with macOS, it can be installed via Homebrew.


And I see you’re removing quarantine in some files. Why? If you have unsigned dependencies, they need to be either be signed or removed (could they also be installed with Homebrew?).

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I’m including lxmx and beautiful soup and a bunch of other stuff. Happy to look into dep mgt. also don’t think I need quarantine any more. Left over from a few years back.


I’ve just patched the workflow from time to time to keep it running. 

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