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Please remove OneUpdater, as per the pinned post:



Auto-updating must be off. Workflows available in the Gallery are updatable from Alfred and this avoids version conflicts.


Also, could you provide a backgroundless screenshot with shadow, as per that same post (there are instructions)?

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Thank you for the changes. Preparing to add.

It took me a bit to figure out how All Pages worked. I didn’t know what to answer to Which Pages? at first, my immediate thought was that it’d maybe match substrings of the URLs. My suggestion would be to use the subtitle to make it clear that it expects tab positions of the frontmost window. Also, maybe renaming the option to Multiple Pages Or Current Tab/Multiple Tabs? I think part of my confusion might’ve come from expecting that indeed all tabs would be copied but then was asked to provide indexes.

By the way, the monorepo approach is fine and still works for us to detect updates, but if you ever change the release method please do let us know so the links and detection can be updated.

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