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You still have the old Workflow Environment Variable in there, which leads to a warning:




There is no reason to have the latter. If you want to support people in Alfred 4 it needs to be a separate download because that one won’t work. The Sina Weibo filter should also be removed, since it’s not doing anything.

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Thank you for the changes. Looking almost ready to include. I did notice the jd searches do not appear to be working. Can you reproduce or provide a search term you know works?


To confirm: in the screenshots, the wikipedia search shows a preview in the subtitle, but that doesn’t seem to happen in practice. I’ve seen it with other searches too. Is that intentional and just a case of forgetting to update the screenshots, or is something amiss?


Also—and this is tangential, it does not affect inclusion—would Brave Search and DuckDuckGo be feasible to add?


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Posted (edited)

@vitor I've cut a new release including below changes:

  • the broken jd search is fixed
  • wikipedia screenshots updated
  • Brave Search and DuckDuckGo added


Hope that's all done for inclusion ;)

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