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Snippet javascript scripts


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It would be useful to be able to do a javascript script on a number or clipboard when you type a snippet.
For example "Encode" would give me :

function () {
return Math.floor({clipboard:0} +1145 * 16 / 4145)

and what it returns it will paste as a snippet.

Alternatively maybe allow GET requests to do these things.



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Welcome @Joren,


{clipboard} is a Dynamic Placeholder introduced by Alfred, randomly allowing it in the middle of code could lead to breaking behaviour. Furthermore, a GET request wouldn’t apply to get the clipboard contents. If you want the clipboard contents, ask macOS for it:


const app = Application.currentApplication()
app.includeStandardAdditions = true
const clipboard = app.theClipboard()

Math.floor(clipboard + 1145 * 16 / 4145)




const clipboard = $.NSPasteboard.generalPasteboard.stringForType($.NSPasteboardTypeString).js

Math.floor(clipboard + 1145 * 16 / 4145)


Alternatively, use the {clipboard:0} as the argument in an in a Arg and Vars Utility and call it as an argument:


function run(argv) {
  return Math.floor(argv[0] + 1145 * 16 / 4145)


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