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Get a working disposable email address in seconds

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Hi! I wanted to share a tiny workflow I've been working on.



You probably know services like https://10minutemail.com where you can get a disposable email address to use feely on website or services you dont want to give your personal email address. Sadly, 10minutemail's API is very limited but, luckily, https://minuteinbox.com's is not.



With the workflow you'll be able to get a disposable email within seconds. If the inbox that you currently have expires, a new one will be assigned the next time you run this.






 * enter: copy the address to your clipboard / open local copy of an email in your browser.

 * command + enter: extend the expiration by 10 minutes 🔄

 * option + enter: destroy the inbox 🔥


> note: for safety reasons, that local copy wont have any <script> tags.






You can download the latest release (v0.2.0) from my repo: https://github.com/fedecalendino/alfred-minute-inbox/releases/






ps: this workflow uses a python library called minuteinbox that I developed for this project, if you want to check it out you can find it here: https://pypi.org/project/minuteinbox/

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