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Equivalent of UI access built into Alfred

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At this point, the only thing stopping me from using Alfred full time is the equivalent of the "UI Access" plugin in QuickSilver. The UI access plugin in QS allowed you to search through any menu item available in the current application. You can set up a hotkey using a proxy object (current application) and quickly type in commands that's available in the menu.


I use this a lot in Photoshop, and a lot of other application where there are incredible amount of menu items that I don't feel like digging through each and every time.


There is a workflow available right now that searches through the menu bar, but the workflow is really slow. I would love to see this feature just baked into Alfred. 

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I vehemently second this request.


However, if you want a “close, but no cigar” alternative while this gets considered, there’s a keyboard shortcut (I think the default on US keyboards is ⌘? and on Portuguese keyboards ⌘/), that calls the help search bar almost every application has, that lets you go through the menus.


To set the shortcut, go to System Preferences → Keyboad → Keyboard Shortcuts → Application Shortcuts → All Applications → Show Help Menu.

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Oh wow, I didn't realize there's a keyboard shortcut for this. Thanks for sharing Vitor. Although I desperately want this feature to be integrated in Alfred, I think this solution will do for now. It also have the benefit of showing me exactly where the menu item is for those duplicated commands (Photoshop tend to have a lot of similarly named menu items).

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