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Mike Manewitz

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Hello! I've been using this as a smart search to look up Ruby gems and thought it might be helpful to other Alfred users. It's extremely light and has no dependencies. There is some overlap with Will Farrell's Package Managers workflow where we both use the 'gem'  keyword but I haven't used that one.




Screenshots in the README.


Thanks so much! Let me know if you need anything from me or if I can tighten this up.


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@Mike Manewitz Thank you for submitting your workflow - and welcome to the forum :)


The workflow works, and we'd be happy to include it. If you're open to tweaking the workflow a little first, here's what I suggest:

  • Make the keyword configurable via the User Configuration (there are lots of examples in the Gallery already if you want to see how the keyword argument is set)
  • Connect both the gem and gems keywords to the same Open URL so that it's a little tidier and there's only one URL to change in the future if it needs to be updated

Does that sound alright? :) 

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@Vero  I took a crack at parameterizing the URL and path as well as adding the user-configurable keywords. For my own usage, I wanted 2 keywords (one for opening directly by name, one for searching). When you type "gem", you see both search and open options in the results and you can either arrow down or type s to search, which feels intuitive to me.


Let me know how this looks: https://github.com/manewitz/rubygems-alfred/releases/download/v2/rubygems.alfredworkflow

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Nice improvements, the difference is palpable! It will be live soon at http://alfred.app/workflows/manewitz/rubygems/


Small note: I see you’ve made a release a week ago but changed the download attachment recently. It doesn’t matter this time because it’s going to be the first version in the Gallery, but for future changes please do new releases, so we can properly detect an update and make it available in the Gallery. Again, doesn’t matter this time, just something to keep in mind for the future.

Thank you again for the quick improvements.

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