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Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow.

I'm the author


Share a link to its thread on the Alfred Forum, if available.



Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub).



If it has dependencies, say what those are unless they are explicit in the About or README.

Requires Visual Studio Code.


Provide screenshots, unless valid ones are in the About or README. 


This is the same image as the one in README

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Add tags to categorize workflow
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That is a nice improvement. There’s another one you can make in that vein: Instead of three Keyword Inputs, have a single one. In the Workflow’s Configuration, add another text field for the keyword and use the variable as the value in the Kewyord Input. The documentation explains how that’s done. Here’s the workflow with the changes (I’d submit a PR, but the contents aren’t in the GitHub repo). I’ve also made made a small tweak to call the current configuration “VSCode CLI” and quoted the vscode variable (otherwise spaces in the path would trip up your code).

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38 minutes ago, David Moe said:

not sure what the process is for updating on Alfred Gallery

If you make a new release on GitHub it will be picked up by the Gallery—which will update automatically after a short delay (just to allow for any small fixes to the new release).



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2 hours ago, David Moe said:

@xilopaint no specific reason, I just didn't consider Intel Macs. I'll update the workflow on my GitHub, not sure what the process is for updating on Alfred Gallery. Thanks for the feedback! 


Actually, /usr/local/bin is more commonly used on Intel Macs than on ARM. If you install VS Code by Homebrew in an ARM Mac, for example, the binary will be placed in /opt/homebrew/bin.

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