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The workflow is already at https://alfred.app/workflows/alexanderwillner/optimize-images/ . However, it states "This workflow requires ImageOptim" which is not 100% correct. The workflow searches for various image optimisers in the path: "Please note that ImageOptim or related tools should be installed (e.g. via brew).". The tool "ImageOptim" just happens to automatically install most of them.

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11 hours ago, Alexander Willner said:

it states "This workflow requires ImageOptim" which is not 100% correct.


Indeed. However, one of two things is required: the app, or all the relevant Homebrew packages. Given the workflow’s name and icon, listing the app seems clearer and easier for users. Wouldn’t you prefer to support that set up (i.e. when getting bug reports) than the alternative? If not and you consider the Homebrew packages to be the desired method, let me know and so I can make the switch.

For dependencies, I see:

  • gifsicle
  • svgcleaner
  • advpng
  • jpegoptim
  • jpegtran
  • oxipng
  • pngcrush
  • pngout
  • pngquant
  • zopflipng

Did I miss any?

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The message is standardised, it’s either one dependency method or the other. Listing both as alternatives would add to the possible confusion, especially when the non-app route requires so many tools. Remember that the Gallery serves a large number of users with different skill levels; with every choice you add in installation methods you lose someone who’ll never take the time to understand the difference. I thought about this extensively when first adding this workflow in particular and picked the method which most will be able to more easily follow. Gallery pages link to the projects homepages where further nuances can be made, but the first impression should be as clear as possible and we should avoid a complicated decision even before a user can decide if the tool they’re looking at fits their needs.


But again, either method can be listed.

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