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Easier / faster navigation into mounted volumes, especially just after opening disk images

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This is a two-part feature request based on my experience with LaunchBar and Alfred:


1. Make mounted volumes easier to navigate to by including volumes in the default search scope.


This is something that the competing LaunchBar utility does a much better job with. With LaunchBar, the names of each mounted volume are included in the default search results, so that you can just type part of the name of any mounted volume and immediately hit Return to open it in a Finder window or use the arrow keys to start navigating its contents.


In contrast, with Alfred it's much more tedious to type "/vol", then a right-arrow, then hit Return to browse (which is often followed by a delay while the list of volumes is created for some reason), then type Control-Return to open it. Another difference is that the /Volumes directory often has things in it you don't normally want to interact with including local Time Machine backups and macOS Recovery partitions.


2. Automatic navigation to mounted / opened disk images.


When you open a disk image file with LaunchBar, the LaunchBar prompt stays on-screen until the disk image volume is mounted, and you can immediately use the arrow keys to navigate inside of the mounted volume and open items inside of it. This is extremely handy since it lets you open a disk image, navigate into it, and open items inside of it without ever leaving the LaunchBar prompt. I do this exact procedure often enough that I really, really miss it with Alfred! 


I've only recently purchased and started using Alfred, and these are both pain points I've noted so far. I'd love to see them addressed in a future release! 🙂🙏🏻

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as a former launchbar user that was a nice feature, but I think i can get you a workaround for the first ask until someone from the alfred team responds to your request. You could make a list filter with all of your attached volumes ... like so.







I know this doesn't fully address all of your launchbar related needs but I'm curious if someone smarter than me comes up with some more creative solutions.



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