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1 hour ago, sepulchra said:

@BenjaminO just reading the read me, would it be possible log the contents of an external volume (every file and every subdirectory) in a spreadsheet? And does 20tb worth of data seem like a bit beyond the scope of what the workflow should be managing? It looks like a such a useful workflow!


Hello @sepulchra and thank you for the feedback 😄. Normally you should be able to scan external volumes as I am using Alfred search. Make sure to include the volumes in the search scope of Alfred.

For the 20tb of data, it will depend on the number of files in your volume and the depth level you selected (high number means that you'll scan deeper). For now the workflow will work if the files number doesn't exceed 1 048 575 (max length of worksheet for Excel, Wps Office...). It does take few minutes to complete. I strongly suggest you to open the debugger while running the workflow to know if any error happens during the process. 

But if there is demand for improvement, I'll consider updating the workflow (or create another) to scan deeper and output csv files instead (without limit).


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