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Default Folder

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Default Folder


Set a default folder for each application.

This feature is also part of the Recent Items 3.0 workflow. Both can be used together.



  • When you are prompted with an open/save dialog (e.g. while saving a file in TextEdit) bring Alfred and type deff keyword (or hit the workflow hotkey)
  • If the application already has a default folder the open/save dialog path with be set to it; if not, you will be able to select a default folder for the application within Alfred

Changing the default folder for an application

If you need to change the default folder for an application, while in open/save dialog of the application type defs keyword, select a folder and hit return key.

Use a folder path without saving it as default

Bring Alfred and type the keyword defs. Once you found the folder, highlight it, hold fn key and hit return. The folder path will be passed to the open/save dialog without saving it as a default for the application.


Version 1.0
Release date: 13 Apr 2013

Supports Alleyoop 2
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