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trigger a script when quitting an app with some conditions

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I'm trying to build a workflow to trigger a script that runs a chronosync backup when i quit a specific app. In my case it is Pro Tools. I also want to make sure the path to the external volume i'm running my projects from is mounted before it runs. In an ideal world I would like it to check in the backup volume is also mounted. It looks like I can do this with all automation tasks and other workflow objects. I have two specific questions:

1. is this the best way to do this?

2. what is the best way for it to check more than one path? 





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That is what I was thinking but I’m guessing you would also need 2 separate “does this path exist” objects  for each path. Also I’m wondering how that impacts the conditional object? Both should be true for it run. Is there a way to make sure that is the case?

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Note the description for Does Path Exist?: Returns true if all passed-in paths exist, else returns false. You can pass it any number of file paths. For the workflow above you’d do it by, for example, adding one path per line in the Argument field of the Arg and Vars Utility, then connecting that to a Split Arg Utility. Configure it to Split with: New Line and Output as: Arguments.

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