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Rome2Rio travel route search

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  • Type rr <start> to <destination> in Alfred to find route options.
  • Get Autocomplete suggestions as you type.



  • The search results are displayed one route at a time.
  • Hit Tab key to cycle through all available routes.
  • The first item is the route description, and you can select that option to view full details on the rome2rio web site, or press the Shift key for a preview
  • The items that follow make up the various stops and segments of the trip - press Shift to get a map displayed highlighting the start and end points of each sgement.




  • To reset your search, hit Cmd + Enter on a route description.
  • Or just type rr <start> to <destination> again to begin a new search



Download from here



  • Powered by rome2rio.com API v1.2
  • Requires Python 2.x and an active Internet connection
  • If you want to disable autocomplete, open the workflow's script filter node, and change the command to --query from --query-autocomplete (more notes inside the script filter)
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Nice.  Way better than my half-hearted attempt :)  I didn't look at the rome2rio API.


Although it pulled up a 404 on a search and a preview just now.  I'll see if I can replicate it.

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