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Not sure I am using the snippet the way it is intended...

I have some emails that I write on regular basis with the same content (text and file).

I would like to use a snippet to paste the content in the email window.

For the text part, no problem, but when it comes to the file, I tried with different examples found here but I end up with an alias link to my file, but it is not see as an attachment in Mail.

I see a file "downloading" in Mail, but it won't work.



What would be the good way to do it ?


Thank you for the help 🙂 

screen 1.png

screen 2.png

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I suspect there are a number of ways to achieve what you want but, personally, I'd be inclined to use the Universal Action Email to… on a selected file or files and then simply run the snippet in the body of the email (after presumably completing the subject field of the email) to insert the text.



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Thanks for the answer.


I use the file action "email to" a lot for individual files, but in that case I am always using the same pdf file for a given email text. That's why I'd like to have only one action to paste the text and the file to my current window email.



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