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Welcome @roganoalien, and thank you for the submission.


You seem to be trying to fit every object in a narrow space (e.g. storm). There’s no need for that, you can drag objects around and the canvas expands to accommodate. You can also ⌘- (command and minus) to zoom out.

The code File Filter isn’t consistent with the others, as it only supports folders. More importantly, all of them are geared exclusively for web development files but one won’t know that unless inspecting the Workflow. That could be particularly confusing, as those text editors support many more file formats. Finally, the title and description make it seem the workflow is limited to one editor and terminal, but that’s not the case.

In sum, in its current state I feel the workflow is very specific to a particular need and might be confusing to those encountering it for the first time, so not yet a fit for the Gallery. If you need more specific pointers, don’t hesitate to ask. That said, even in its current form the workflow is still a good example of using no-code objects to create something useful, so I’m sure there are people who’ll find value in it, especially as a starting point to make their own changes.


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@vitor cool!


Here's the update: 

  • Same screenshots work for it.
  • Now uses global variables and one needs to be set by the user for it to work (`terminal`).
  • By default opens a `Dialog Conditional` to ask the user if the file/folder needs to be opened in just the code editor or in both terminal and code editor. There's also a cancel button to break the workflow. Can be changed from the global variables.
  • Has both notification and sound feedback which can be disabled in the global variables.
  • Now uses a python script to open the file/folder inside the app/terminal.
  • I've changed the repo so it would not have the older name in the repo. New repo is here
  • Fixed the narrow space of elements.
  • There's no specification to filter any file nor folder so anyone can open every file if the code editor can handle it

Let me know if there's any fix to be done

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Looking better! I think the confusing part is mostly resolved, though the icon still shows a specific editor. Just the folder with the </> would be less ambiguous. Other things I noticed:

  • You’re using Workflow Environment Variables for configuration, when they should be Workflow Configuration. This is specified in the submissions post.
  • There are a bunch of node files in the workflow’s folder which don’t seem to be doing anything.
  • File Filters may not be enough to find a file/folder, e.g. if they’re not in Alfred’s scope. Each File Filter would benefit from an accompanying Universal Action for Files only.
  • The workflow in general doesn’t appear to work. On the first thing I tried, it failed to open in both the editor and the Terminal. The code seems to be the cause.
    • You should never set the variables like Sublime\ Text. Escaping spaces is a shell thing, variables should have the correct name (Sublime Text).
    • In the Run Scripts, don’t use with input as {query} but always with input as argv. There is a reason it’s the default. It makes escaping input unnecessary, which is important when you don’t know what the user’s input will be.
    • I’d recommend doing it in bash or zsh. You can call variables like "${terminal}". It will be way less code and faster, since you’re using Python like a shell anyway (calling open).

Overall good progress, as the new feedback mostly concerns the new functionality and that seems to be getting more advanced in a good way.

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@vitor Hey! Made the changes you talked about it. Repository update


Changes made:

  • Workflow environtment variables are now Workflow Configurations
  • Deleted node_modules and all stuff that alfy added
  • Did not implement the Universal Action 'cause it breaks the flow and should but the file filter has the scope to `/Users`
    • Removed the usage of `Sublime\ Text` to escape strings.
    • Replaced `with input as {query}` with `with input as argv`
    • Removed python scripts and now uses zsh script

Let me know if there's something else needed to be fixed

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On 2/13/2023 at 8:54 AM, roganoalien said:

Did not implement the Universal Action 'cause it breaks the flow


Universal Actions are another way of triggering. They provide flexibility, they never affect the methods already present. Again, please add them. Some people only use Universal Actions, not File Filters.


On 2/13/2023 at 8:54 AM, roganoalien said:

but the file filter has the scope to `/Users`


That is too broad and will return a lot more than expected which pollutes the results. The correct setting is to have no Scope, thus leveraging the user’s default.


On 2/13/2023 at 8:54 AM, roganoalien said:

Let me know if there's something else needed to be fixed


The action to open in terminal still doesn’t work. You can’t give both -a and -e flags to the open command, those options are inherently incompatible. What is your goal with that part of the code?

Also, your Dialog Conditional says “Testing” in the title.


The new icon looks pretty good. Thumbs up on that.


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