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Replace string in var from User Configuration

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I have a URL in my User Configuration Variables where one part of the URL needs to be replaced by a query
and then stored with the changes later use in workflow.


URL is stored in User Configuration Variable via TextField




I want to replace {TOBEREPLACED} in this var with the input of the Alfred query.


How can I achieve this?


1.) I can create a custom Search which works, but I could not find out how to use this in a workflow.



2.) Tried Replace Action with


but that didn't work. Text is not replaced.


3.) Searched and found String replacement with bash (https://linuxhandbook.com/replace-string-bash/) but could not get a script to work.


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Hi Vitor,


wow that was quick!

Thanks for the workflow. Did not know tasks yet since I just updated to Alfred5.

I guess RTFM is still a good tip 😆

That opens up completely new universe of possibilities.😀

Not only problem solved also new found features via Tasks.



I ❤️ Alfred



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