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Force search results to match the order of space-delimited search parameters

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I have several Chrome bookmarks I'd like to be able to search using the main Alfred search bar. The bookmarks have a mixture of numbers and words, like "Chapter 1 - Introduction (part 1)". I thought it would be cool if I could type something like "chap 4 2" to automatically find the "Chapter 4 - ... (part 2)" bookmark, or "chap 4" for all "Chapter 4 - ..." bookmarks. However, it appears that when Alfred takes my search string and splits it up by the spaces, it treats the parameters as unordered, such that "chap 4 2" matches "Chapter 2 - ... (part 4)", *then* "Chapter 4 - ... (part 2)".


My question: Is there a way to any of these?

1. Force Alfred to keep the order of the search parameters (aka hide "Chapter 2 - ... (part 4)" in searches like "chap 4 2")

2. Prioritize results that match the order of the search parameters (aka display "Chapter 4 - ... (part 2)" above "Chapter 2 - ... (part 4)" in searches like "chap 4 2")


New to the forums (and forums-ing in general); sorry if the "Workflow Help & Questions" section isn't the right place to ask this. Thanks for your help!

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