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Installing Alfred 4 on Ventura doesn't request Automation permission


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Hi team,

I have moved Alfred from my older Mac to a new M1 machine with Ventura installed. Everything works except for Terminal integration, both through `> ` keyword and workflows that attempt to open terminal. At no point does Alfred request Automation permissions and macOS doesn't allow manually adding application to 'Privacy & Security > Automation'. When I open Alfred Preferences > General > Request permissions > Open macOS Automation preferences, all I get is the same 'Privacy & Security > Automation' view where I can't change anything. I do know that other apps manage to request that permission, as Docker succeeded in getting iTerm permission.

On my older Mac, I granted that permission a couple years ago on an older version of macOS

Alfred 4.8 [1312]

macOS Ventura 13.2
Thanks for your help!

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versions, clarification, screenshot
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Prefix: ">"


Application: Custom

on alfred_script(q)
	tell application "iTerm"
		do script q
	end tell
end alfred_script


I don't recall adding it, but maybe when I tried making it work years ago, this was needed

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okay. Also, I think my problem isn't in the automation permissions. for some reason setting up hotkeys for other apps that other apps doesn't register via Ventura but other operating system they do. So I need to investigate why further. Thanks for your help!

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