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Installing Alfred 4 on Ventura doesn't request Automation permission


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Hi team,

I have moved Alfred from my older Mac to a new M1 machine with Ventura installed. Everything works except for Terminal integration, both through `> ` keyword and workflows that attempt to open terminal. At no point does Alfred request Automation permissions and macOS doesn't allow manually adding application to 'Privacy & Security > Automation'. When I open Alfred Preferences > General > Request permissions > Open macOS Automation preferences, all I get is the same 'Privacy & Security > Automation' view where I can't change anything. I do know that other apps manage to request that permission, as Docker succeeded in getting iTerm permission.

On my older Mac, I granted that permission a couple years ago on an older version of macOS

Alfred 4.8 [1312]

macOS Ventura 13.2
Thanks for your help!

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versions, clarification, screenshot
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Prefix: ">"


Application: Custom

on alfred_script(q)
	tell application "iTerm"
		do script q
	end tell
end alfred_script


I don't recall adding it, but maybe when I tried making it work years ago, this was needed

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