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Use ChatGPT in Alfred


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Welcome @Demian, and thank you for the submission.


In its current state, there are a number of factors which make the workflow unsuitable for inclusion in the Gallery. Namely:

  • There is no icon.
  • The name is in lowercase (this is minor, but in general a name should be like a title).
  • You’re asking people to open the workflow, navigate to a specific code file, open it for editing, and change their credentials. This in itself is problematic in two ways:
    • Most users won’t be comfortable with that process or understand how to go about it. If user input is needed, it should be proper Configuration.
    • You’re asking for a username and password, meaning the password will be in plaintext. That is a security risk because other apps on the user’s machine would be able to read that information.
  • Opening the Sticky Notes and pasting there is quite atypical and less than ideal because you’re relying on GUI automation (the keypresses) to do the heavy lifting. There are more appropriate methods, such as Large Type.

Note I haven’t explored the workflow’s functionality in full. You’re shipping a lot of libraries and those could be problematic too, but the above are the immediate blockers. If you have specific questions with the above, ask away.


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5 minutes ago, sudopeople said:

And how would I start a new conversation, ie. reset the chat context?

So, it’s designed to work in this way:

1. You create several conversations on the website, aiming for different applications. For example, polishing your writing, thinking about travel plan, or random chat.

2. You duplicate the workflow for different applications and assign different keywords for them. For each of them, you assign the corresponding UUID.

3. During your daily work, if you want to polish your paragraph, based on your previous requirements, you can type in the keyword polish and do that. If you want to change your travel plan, you simply type I. Keyword travel plan and ask it what you can do if some event is canceled without entering all the information again.

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2 hours ago, sudopeople said:

So to have a "new conversation" you'd duplicate the Alfred workflow?

Sounds like you've designed this as more of a note taking app, than a chatbot.

the way I use it, is to start any random chat that does not rely on any previous information using the keyword hi. And for certain type of task, like polishing my writings, I use certain keyword so that it remembers my previous requirements.

to summarize, you cannot create new chat from Alfred in current version, but you can access whatever previous chat you have.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Passing on this one due to the setup complexity and it requiring a plain text password. Glad to reconsider if the points above are fixed. Naturally, this does in no way impede the continued sharing (e.g. via GitHub) and use of the workflow.

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