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Welcome @SamEdwardes,


Suggestion: Adding a Hotkey will provide another trigger which I’m sure many will default to.

I’ve also find a two small cases which should be fixed before adding to the Gallery:

If one has never enabled Stage Manager (you can simulate that with defaults delete com.apple.WindowManager GloballyEnabled), the first time calling the workflow won’t work. This is because you’re only checking for the value 0 and the case where the entry does not exist only outputs and error. Easiest fix is to change the check on the second line to [[ ${STATE} = 0 || -z ${STATE} ]]. That way it’ll work in both situations.


The icon is too small (it needs to be 256x256 px or larger) and is essentially a screenshot. You can create a quick icon with https://font2png.com. I recommend adding a non-transparent background and increasing the corner radius. Pinging @Stephen_C and @sepulchra on that last tip as well since we’ve discussed icons before.

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@SamEdwardes Almost good to go! Two small things to fix:

  • Please don’t use com.alfredapp in the bundle identifier. Seeing as you have a domain, it should be com.samedwardes.alfred.toggle-stage-manager.
  • You’ve added an empty Popup Button in the configuration which is not doing anything so should be removed.




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