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Building Custom Web Search from local file

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I'm looking for a way to automate building custom web search bookmarks from a local file. Right now I add custom searches manually. (for example let's say `cmd+space+h` navigates me to our company's helpdesk url, pic attached, hence for navigating to my top favorite urls, I only need 3 clicks or sometimes 4) I have more than 100 of them which is a maintenance nightmare. I'm sure there is s smarter way to achieve this behavior. Ideally I want to keep a local csv, json with mapping of shortcuts to urls, which gets automatically (or through a workflow run) updated when I add something to the local json / csv file.Screenshot2023-02-22at1_32_53PM.thumb.png.baa17bdf993d39cd1cb84689a3dbe5b1.pngScreenshot2023-02-22at1_33_55PM.thumb.png.a23e6d6586a3ad93abc08ae10fee1c6f.png

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