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Define alternate text for modifier keys at item level


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I have a script filter that shows detailed information of an OmniFocus task. I would like to add trigger actions based on the information that was selected and the modifier key that was pressed.




So for example selecting the project would result in the following actions:

  • NO MODIFIER: list tasks of project
  • ALT: change project

Selecting the context would trigger the equivalent actions for the context.


Currently, Alfred only allows to specify an alternate subtitle per modifier key with no regard to the selected result. I would suggest to extend this functionality to override the "global" modifier subtitle on item level:


    <item uid="myuid" arg="myarg">
        <title>My title</title>
        <subtitle>My default subtitle</subtitle>
        <alt>My subtitle when pressing ALT</alt>
        <cmd>My subtitle when pressing COMMAND</cmd>
        <ctrl>My subtitle when pressing CONTROL</ctrl>
        <fn>My subtitle when pressing FN</fn>

This would allow for more flexibility when using modifier keys.

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While this is quite a nice idea, it doesn't quite conceptually fit with Alfred workflows as the actual action performed is defined by the connection out of the script input and the action, not the input.


While this conceptual separation may not seem important now, it will do more in the future.


I'll have a think about how to best address this.

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