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I have a hotkey assigned to the "launch the apps/ files" object where it is set to launch Finder and toggle visibility is checked. When I have have more than one finder window open it only brings the most recent finder window i was last active in to front. It won't bring all finder windows to front unless I hit the hotkey two more times (hiding the app and making visible again). Is there another way to do this so when I hit my hotkey all of my finder windows are brought to front and not just the last one i was active in?




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actually just found this very helpful script from brett terpstra and maintains the toggle function:


set appName to "Finder"
set startIt to false
tell application "System Events"
	if not (exists process appName) then
		set startIt to true
	else if frontmost of process appName then
		set visible of process appName to false
		set frontmost of process appName to true
	end if
end tell
if startIt then
	tell application appName to activate
end if




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I think that If you want to bring all Finder windows to the front with a single hotkey press, you may need to use a third-party application or script that provides more advanced window management features. There are various window management tools available for macOS that allow you to manipulate and control windows in different ways, including bringing all windows of an app to the front.


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