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Pow for Alfred - Rails server management

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Pow for Alfred - Alfred V2 Workflow



Interact with Pow straight from Alfred. Currently only supports the actions I needed while writing it, but more will be added soon.


Follow me on Twitter (@Tom_Beynon) for updates.






Download the workflow

Download the workflow below and open in Alfred. It should work straight out the box if you have Pow installed.




If you haven't installed Pow yet, check out the Pow website for installation instructions.



Currently only supports the actions I needed while writing it. The rest will be added soon, follow me on Twitter (@Tom_Beynon) for updates.


Create Pow app
Browse to a folder in Alfred and choose the 'Create in Pow' option


Open app in browser
pow browse [app]


Restart app
pow restart [app]


Destroy app
pow destroy [app]


Copy Xip.io URL
pow xip [app]



Heavily inspired by the brilliant Powify, a command line alternative for Pow


And of course, Pow!

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I'm sorry but it doesn't work for me, and the repo doesn't seem to have been updated since I made this post :/.


Could you try deleting your existing version of the workflow, downloading the new one directly from the following URL and importing it?




I've just done the same myself and it's definitely the correct version. You should be able to type `pow browse` and it'll list all your existing Pow apps.


Might also be worth checking Alfred itself is up-to-date. Do let me know what you find out!

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