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How to determine the screen resolution of the current display? (in a workflow)

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I found an automation task called "Set Custom Window Size" which I would like to use in a workflow.


To make the workflow more robust for different screen resolutions, I would like to check for the current screen resolution and then set the window size based in that.


How can I determine the current screen resolution?


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I’m totally new to automation tasks, but from what I can see, “Set Window Bounds from Preset” does not allow me to specify a window size of, say 1700x600 for a 4K screen or 650x300 for an HD screen, does it. I can (an do) however, use it to center the resulting window.

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Is the Automation Task Set Window Bounds From Preset not helpful in those circumstances? It is described as setting "topmost window's bounds relative to screen dimensions”. (I have not tried it so it's merely a suggestion!)


(Edit: I do appreciate you may feel that doesn't allow you to be so specific about the actual dimensions of the window.)



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