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introducing alfred-kindle 📚 search and open your Kindle books with Alfred

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alfred-kindle 📚



- Quickly list, search, and open your Kindle books


Setting up ⚙️

- Alfred 5 with Powerpack license
- Python3
- Kindle app installed


Default settings 
- In Alfred, open the Configure Workflow menu in alfred-kindle preferences
    - set the keyword for the workflow (default: !k)
    - set the book content icon, i.e. if a book has been downloaded locally (default: 📘)
    - show 'ghost' books (i.e. books not downloaded, or previously loaned)?  (default: yes)
    - set search scope (default: 'Title')
        - Title: search titles only
        - Author: search authors only
        - Both: search across titles and authors

Basic Usage 📖

- launch with keyword (default: !k), or custom hotkey
- enter ↩️ will open the book in Kindle (if downloaded) or the corresponding webpage on Amazon (if not downloaded)

Limitations & known issues ⚠️

- None for now, but I have not done extensive testing, let me know if you see anything!
- tested with ~100 books. The book list is currently created on the fly, and book covers are downloaded if missing. Might be slower if your library has thousands of books, in which case a sqlite database it might be more efficient. Let me know if that is the case!

- not tested thoroughly for user-uploaded documents. 
- tested with Python 3.9.13

Acknowledgments 😀

- Thanks to the Alfred forum community!
- Icon from SF symbols


Changelog 🧰

- 02-28-2023: version 0.1

Feedback 🧐

Feedback welcome! If you notice a bug, or have ideas for new features, please feel free to get in touch either on [Github](https://github.com/giovannicoppola/alfred-kindle), or here.



Download ⬇️ | Github 

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Looks good, will be adding this for the Gallery list! Though if you make a quick post in the submissions forum, it’ll help with prioritisation.


Quick note: the icon is low resolution, to the point it looks blurry even in Alfred results. When exporting from SF Symbols, be sure to set it to 256 so it looks crisp. Another thing to note is that by being monochromatic (and white) it’ll disappear when the background is of the same colour. https://font2png.com is also a great source for icons, and even lets you make background with rounded corners.


Also, you don’t need to add the icon to the Keyword. In objects where you want the workflow’s icon to be used, leave the icon empty.


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