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File Filter (why didn't I realize this years ago)

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I’m sharing a specific use case for a file filter with the hope it helps someone else. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. 

I often search for Pro Tools Session Files (.ptx files and thanks to @Stephen_C's new metadata workflow, I was able to make quick work of it.)

Pro Tools also makes a number of backup files while it runs, so for example, your working session might be called:


my awesome project.ptx


and in a sub directory you will also have a number of files called:


my asweome project.bak.000.ptx
my asweome project.bak.001.ptx
my asweome project.bak.002.ptx


Those backup files make for some noisy results, so I created a file filter that excludes the backup files (image below). I’m sure there are others here who might find an analogous use case with different applications or files.




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