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Search for multiple address in GoogleMaps to make a route

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Yes sir! When I run the script it gets stuck and I also have to restart the calendar.  I am testing it on just one of the calendars for now (Crew 1).  Does it just pull from the 7 days that are showing on the calendar? 

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 12.08.46 PM.png

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So when it says Days: 7 (Number of days to retrieve) I will need it to search for the 7 days that are currently open on the calendar.  We are generally "routing" our schedule about 4 months in advance...

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sorry about that, I think I tried a few events as you can see in the video but probably you have way more.

I could try to convert it to JXA which I hear is better than applescript, but I want to make sure that timing out is the problem. 

Could you try to create one calendar with one event? Just to check that it works for you.

Also, what is your MacOS version?

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Actually no 🤦‍♂️.  I did the test calendar with only 2 events and it worked.  Then I tried my regular calendar and it did not work.  The regular calendar is only search 2 days thought a total of 9 events but it gets stuck

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Sure.  Normally they're at about 20 events a day.  Also, we will need to set it up so that it searches for the events that are currently "showing" on the calendar (Aka. whatever I am looking at) and not the current week.  We make our routes about 4-6 months in advance so the way that it is currently set up will not work.  

My smallest calendar is 3MB.  Is there another way to get this to you? 


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