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The power of shortcuts

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Huey Lewis may have the rights the “The Power of Love” but I’m wondering if we could get a thread going on how folks are leveraging the power of mac shortcuts now that we have a shorcuts automation task. I’ve been inspired lately by  @vitor's Shrieking Chimes workflow and @Stephen_C's simple solution of zipping files using the “make archive” action.


I'll get things started.  I use Rogue Amoeba's SoundSource and I use alfred to trigger a number of custom setups I've created with shortcuts.  




And remember, Huey Lewis also said it was "Hip to Be Square."


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There is another useful way in which to use Shortcuts which I have discovered this morning. Sometimes I need to translate foreign text displayed on my Mac. Instinctively I reach for a Universal Action in Alfred…and if you link one to this Shortcut you can use the Universal Action to provide the translation:





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